Avoid These Face Mask Mistakes

By Laura Martinez Masks Skincare
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Avoid These Face Mask Mistakes

We all love that instant boost that a vegan face mask gives our skin. Big bonus, they are truly a treat and so relaxing. But have you ever asked yourself, “Am I applying it correctly?” Applying a masque seems like a simple process, but there are common mistakes you want to avoid if you want to get the most out of your masque. 

Mistake #1: Not washing your face thoroughly before masque application

Probably one of the biggest mistakes is not prepping your skin! If you don’t wash your face before applying the masque, you likely will not get the full benefit. So, do yourself a favor, and cleanse first with a soothing cleanser, like bioClarity's Cleanse. Our effective, yet gentle plant-based cleanser removes any impurities without drying out the skin.

For even better results, wash your face while you take a shower. The warm water and steam will help open up your pores, which will allow the masque to penetrate the skin better.

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Mistake #2: Leaving your face masque on for too long (or too short)         

While some masks are safe to be left on for an extended period of time, not all have such a long-wear formula. Be sure to read the instructions on the packaging and set up a timer, if needed. We tend to apply masques while we do chores or watch TV, so it’s easy to lose track of time. Leaving a face masque longer than directed or using it too often won’t give you better results. Wondering how often you should use a face mask? Ours should be used up to a total of twice per week.

For peel-off masques like bioClarity's Hydrating Masque, if you don't leave the masque on long enough, it won’t have fully dried, making the removal process messy. You will also don’t get the maximum benefits. If you leave it on for too long, it can be too difficult to remove.   

Mistake #3: Using dirty fingers

It’s crucial to have a clean, dry face prior to a masque application, but let’s not forget about our hands. Every day we expose them to millions of germs. Make sure you wash off any gunk from your hands to prevent the spread of bacteria onto your face.

Mistake #4: Applying peel-off masques on eyebrows

Peel-off masques are great exfoliators, but when applying one, you should avoid contact with your eyebrows and hairline area. Why? You could remove hair you hadn’t intended, or it can turn into a painful and time-consuming process.  

Peel-off masques are a great way to get baby soft skin. They help remove skin impurities such as dead skin cells, clogged pores, oil production, and bacteria. BioClarity's Hydrating Masque is a quick pick-me-up peel-off masque that draws out impurities while plumbing cells with comforting moisture, making your skin feel smoother, softer, and refreshed-even after just one use.

Bonus: Removing bioClarity's Hydrating Masque is a simple process. You can either remove it by gently peeling the masque off or if preferred, you can wash it off with warm water. You decide!

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Mistake #5: Not rinsing your face properly after removal

Be sure to rinse your face a few times with lukewarm water and check all areas of your face; your headline, under your nose, and your eyebrows. Be sure you don’t miss a spot or two. After removing your peel-off or wash-off masque, pat your face dry without scrubbing your skin. 

Mistake #6: Not trying out multi-masking

Not all areas of your face are equal. You might have an oily T-zone and dry patches on your cheeks, so it will make sense to learn how to multi-mask and use different masks that will individually take care of each given skin concern.

Our clay masques create the perfect combo use when multi-masking. You can tackle different skin concerns at once while indulging your face in a real plant-based treat. Apply Brighten Up, Sunshine to any areas of your face that need some exfoliation and brightening power, then apply our Clarifying Masque on any oily, acne-prone areas. To top it off, apply our Hydrating Masque to any areas that feel a little dry or dull.

Mistake #7: Not moisturizing after

When you remove a masque, your face feels smooth, refreshing and clean, but it’s suggested to apply a lightweight moisturizer after to add an extra layer of hydration.

We recommend bioClarity's Hydrate Skin SmoothieMasques are a real treat for your skin, and adding our lightweight moisturizer for oily to normal skin is merely the icing on the cake.  

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    I recently bought the clatifying mask but im currently using the Clear Skin Routine. When is the best time to put the Clarifying Mask, before or after.