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With the smarts of science + power of plants, we help you find clear, natural, balanced skin.

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BioClarity Restore Gel
naturally better

Naturally Better

Your skin recognizes what's real. Feed it well and reveal your ideal, with purifying green tea, chamomile and oat kernel.



Instead of harsh chemicals that harass skin into breakout cycles, we use mighty Floralux and salicylic acid to battle blemishes without the burn.



Clear only counts if it's kind. Our soothing formulas correct and protect, healing without harm. Skin trades red for refreshed, itch for ease and shine for glow.

confidence building

Confidence Building

Let's face it: life is easier when you're confident in your skin. BioClarity helps to reveal the real you, so you can take on school, work, social media—life!—with naturally clear skin.

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Customer Reviews

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Saved my teenage life

I love this, it totally saved my life you should totally get it can't tell you how greatful i am for it.


Yes i have seen a difference in my skin but, i love how they say its gentle and calming but it burns and make me red sometimes. not the step 2, step 3 does.

Hi Jessica - thank you for leaving your honest review! It can be normal to experience a slight tingling upon application that should fade within a few seconds. If you notice any further discomfort please email us at!

Just say yes

Not worth all the hype

Let me start by saying I've never left a review, yet I felt I had to with a lot of positive reviews. I have moderate acne and oily skin, and I've dealt with this for most of high school and now into college. I've been using bioclarity for a little over two months, and I can't say I'm satisfied with the results of these products. The products are fine upon application, yet I haven't seen any "magical" change to my skin. I know they said 8 weeks is when the magic happens, yet I haven't sadly had any lucky with this product. I feel like it's okay, but I was using pricier, more natural products and they worked a bit better than this. I'm stuck with a two month supply now, so I'm going to stick it out and hope it gets better. Honestly, I don't get what all the hype is for these products though.

Hi Tiffany - we appreciate your honest review! If your acne is on the more moderate to severe side and you experience oiliness, the product will need some time to penetrate the pores and remove all the bacteria. Keep using your two month supply consistently and you will see your results continue to improve!
This makes my skin happy!

First a little bit about my skin. I have combination skin, oily and dry. I have mild to moderate acne with a combination of blackheads, postules (deep whiteheads), and nodules (deep, hard, painful bumps - usually filled with pus). I have a fairly healthy diet in that I avoid greasy foods and chocolate, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I sleep about 6 hours a night and wash my pillow cases once a week. I am a physical therapy grad student, so stress is high. I am also on birth control and have noticed more significant breakouts the week before my period since I started it. I have tried just general over the counter medications (Clean&Clear scrub, Clean&Clear spot treatment, Neutragena spot treatment, Stridex, etc). These often dry my skin out, causing my acne spots to peel and usually leave temporary scars. I went to the dermatologist and was prescribed Differin and Acayna. Those worked miraculously for several years, however I believe my skin is no longer responsive to these treatments so I stopped using them.

When looking for alternatives I wanted something more natural because the synthetic chemicals in the OTC medications are very harsh on my skin. I found BioClarity and was intrigued. Many of the reviews say to give it a good month for best results. I am on six weeks. I have seen a significant improvement in my skin as far as my blackheads and postules. They must surface first, which causes a breakout, but they clear up quickly and do not seem to be returning. Unfortunately I still have the problem with the nodules emerging. The biggest difference, however, is that they clear much faster. I used to have them for a week to a week and a half, and then they would peel and scar. But now I only have them for a few days and they do not peel. In fact, Step 3 seems to be helping my old scars heal.

I highly recommend this product! My best advice is be patient, it does help!