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Reduce Redness Reduce Redness

Dealing with a flushed face on a daily basis? Trade redness for a calm, glowing complexion and soothe angry, irritated skin with the help of our antioxidant-rich, plant-powered skin treats. Dealing with a flushed face on a daily basis? Trade redness for a calm, glowing complexion and soothe angry, irritated skin with the help of our antioxidant-rich, plant-powered skin treats.


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  • What causes facial redness?

    Facial redness is typically associated with sensitive skin, and often comes with some mild discomfort, inflammation, or irritation. There are a variety of causes of facial redness, including allergic reactions to products, rosacea, and skin conditions like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Many people benefit from using color correcting makeup or skincare products that provide a quick and superficial fix, but sometimes the redness simply won’t go away. The good news is that there are ways to help soothe the skin and provide redness relief, including using our non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan skin treats!

  • What products help with redness?

    We offer a variety of products that help visibly reduce redness, although choosing the right product will depend on the type of redness you’re experiencing. For acne-related redness, we recommend using Restore, our signature green treatment gel. For redness that isn’t acne-related, we recommend our Zen Ultracalming Serum, which can also be found as part of our 3-step Ultra Calming Routine. This routine is formulated to visibly reduce blotchiness and calm and soothe the skin thanks to ingredients like Floralux, licorice root, and niacinamide.

  • How do I soothe and calm irritated skin?

    Sensitive and redness-prone skin is easily aggravated by harsh products, weather, and other factors, but did you know there might be parts of your daily routine that are making your skin extra sensitive without you even knowing it? In addition to using skincare products that help calm skin and visibly reduce facial redness, here are a few extra tips on soothing irritated, sensitive skin:

    • Avoid products with fragrance, which is sensitizing and can cause irritation and negative reactions. Look for products that are labeled as fragrance-free, like bioClarity.
    • Avoid hot water. When washing your face, use a gentle face wash and use lukewarm water since water that’s too hot can strip the skin of its natural oils, causing dryness and further irritation. Don’t forget to moisturize after cleansing!
    • Exfoliate less often. If you want to exfoliate, be cautious and do so only one time a week as over-exfoliating can cause irritation and breakouts. Stick to chemical exfoliants instead of physical exfoliants, which tend to be harsher on the skin.
  • Will these products help with rosacea?

    We have had customers with rosacea experience positive results while using our products, but they are not formulated specifically to treat rosacea. Our products are safe to use if you do have rosacea.

  • What is Floralux®?

    Floralux® is our exclusive ingredient made from a blend of copper and chlorophyll that’s designed to reduce the appearance of redness and hyperpigmentation, even skin tone and texture, battle bad bacteria, and fight signs of aging. Floralux® can be found in a variety of our products and is what gives them their green tint. No synthetic colors here -- this green color is naturally-derived from plants!

  • How do I know which products are best for me?

    Each product page contains detailed information regarding the product’s benefits, ingredients, and the skin types and skin concerns it’s best suited for. However, we know it can be a bit hard to find the right products for you so take our Skin Quiz and be matched up with products in 3 minutes!

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