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Want a healthy, natural glow? Ditch dullness and dryness with a daily dose of hydration! No skincare routine is complete without a moisturizer to help keep skin hydrated and soft. Want a healthy, natural glow? Ditch dullness and dryness with a daily dose of hydration! No skincare routine is complete without a moisturizer to help keep skin hydrated and soft.


Skin Needs
  • Acne & Blemish Control
  • Age Defy
  • Brightening
  • Hydration
  • Oil Control
  • Reduce Redness
  • Sun Protection
  • Uneven Tone
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  • Cleansers
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  • Moisturizers
  • Routines
  • Serums and Treatments
  • Skincare Tools
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  • Combination
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  • Which vegan moisturizer is best for me?

    As with all other steps in your skincare routine, the best moisturizer for you will largely be determined by your skin type.

    • Oily skin: Use a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer that won’t clog pores or feel too greasy on the skin.
    • Dry skin: Use a heavier moisturizer that’s designed to provide deep hydration.
    • Combination skin: Since different areas of your skin have different needs, it may be best to use two different moisturizers unless you find one that strikes a balance of keeping your dry areas hydrated without feeling too heavy on the oily areas.
    • Normal skin: This skin type isn’t finicky so you can choose any lightweight option, perhaps one with anti-aging benefits.
    • Sensitive skin: Always check the ingredient list and look for any potentially irritating ingredients such as fragrances or harsh chemicals. Don’t forget to patch test!

    Keep in mind that skin types can change with the seasons and as we get older, so you may need to switch out your moisturizer accordingly.

  • Is a vegan moisturizer better for the skin?

    Vegan products are made with plant-based formulas and contain no animal-derived ingredients. As a result, they are generally more gentle on the skin and are packed with nourishing, antioxidant-rich botanicals and plant extracts. At bioClarity, we take this a step further by formulating our moisturizers as well as the rest of our products without toxins, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, harsh chemicals, harmful synthetics, and fragrances.

  • When should I apply moisturizer in my routine?

    Knowing how to apply your skincare products in the correct order helps maximize their effectiveness so make sure your layering all your skin goodies properly. During your morning routine, moisturizer should be applied after your serums and eye product, but before sunscreen. As for your nighttime skincare routine, moisturizer should be the very last step.

  • How often should I moisturize?

    Depending on your skin type, other products in your skincare routine are best used just once a day, but we recommend applying moisturizer to your skin twice daily, both morning and night. This helps ensure that your skin is hydrated throughout the day and as you sleep. Hydrated skin is happy skin!

  • Do I need to moisturize if I have oily or acne-prone skin?

    Absolutely! The two basic skincare products everyone shown have is a cleanser and moisturizer.

    Those with oily or acne-prone skin often mistakenly think that they should dry out their skin as much as possible, but doing so only causes the sebaceous glands to overproduce oil to compensate. This increased amount of oil then causes more clogged pores, resulting in new or worsened breakouts. Moisturizer is especially important if you use any type of acne medication or topical treatment that can potentially cause dry patches. All our products are non-comedogenic so you don't have to worry about them clogging your pores.

    Long story short, all skin types need to be moisturized on a daily basis. Dry skin may need extra hydration, but acne-prone and oily skin needs hydration, too.

  • Can I use body lotion as a moisturizer?

    The skin on your face is more sensitive and delicate than the skin on your body, which means you should avoid using body products on your face. We recommend using a moisturizer specifically designed for facial skin to help prevent potential irritation.