Clear Skin Routine

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Clear Skin Routine Clear Skin Routine Clear Skin Routine
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Clear Skin Routine

$50 Value $29.95 $29.95

Kiss breakouts goodbye. Watch troubles fade and texture begin to transform. Monthly subscription.  

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Save $5 with Clear Skin Routine!

CLEANSE 2.25 fl. oz.

Keeping it Clean

Rich, yet gentle foaming facial cleanser with refreshing, detoxifying and calming power of cucumber, green tea and chamomile.

TREAT 1 fl. oz.

Complexion Perfection

Exfoliating gel clears pores of oil, dirt, and bacteria with mighty salicylic acid to reduce current and future breakouts. Oat Kernel extract and powerful moisturizers hydrate the skin to address common side effects.

RESTORE 1 fl. oz.

Power of Green

Our signature green gel with chlorophyll that feeds and defends cells with an alphabet of nutrients. Soak up a garden of skin loving benefits.

This twice daily, 3-step regimen fights acne and soothes skin without harsh chemicals. The secret is Floralux®, the ultra-nourishing, nutrient-rich, redness-reducing, antioxidant-powerhouse derived naturally from Chlorophyll.

Clinically proven to:

  • Attack the bacteria that causes acne before it starts
  • Soothe and calm skin
  • Reduce redness & pore size
  • Give you clearer skin in as little as 2 weeks!
  • Nourishing Floralux
  • Calming Chamomile
  • Detoxifying Green Tea
  • Invigorating Licorice Root
  • Clinically Proven

Naturally Better Ingredients

Our secret weapon against acne? Floralux®!

It's naturally derived from Chlorophyll which is clinically proven to soothe skin and alleviate redness -- while it fights acne.

We combine Floralux® with other natural ingredients to create the most effective over-the-counter acne medication for all skin types.

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

  • Paraben-Free & Sulfate-Free

  • with Floralux


Our signature Floralux® complex reduces redness, decreases P. Acnes (a bacteria thought to contribute to acne), feeds and defends cells with an alphabet of nutrients, boosting your natural beauty.


Calming Chamomile Extract cleans ick and oil out of pores while soothing skin.


Cooling Cucumber Extract soothes and calms skin in our Cleanser.

Green Tea

Powerful antioxidants found in Green Tea Extract clean and detoxify the skin naturally in our Cleanser.

Licorice Root

Invigorating Licorice Root cools skin in our Restore Gel.

Oat Kernel

Soothing Oat Kernel Extract keeps skin naturally hydrated.

Cleanser (Step 1)

Water (aqua), sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine, acrylates copolymer, glycereth-2 cocoate, glycerin, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, camellia oleifera (green tea) leaf extract, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, phenoxyethanol, sodium chloride, benzoic acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

Treatment (Step 2)

Active Ingredients: Salicylic Acid 2%
Other ingredients: Water, butylene glycol, glycerin, ethoxydiglycol, neopentyl glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate, lactic acid, sodium lactate, hyaluronic acid - sodium salt, oat kernel extract, squalane, bisabolol, panthenol, lauryl lactate, methyl glucose sesquistearate, ergothioneine, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 60, disodium edta, xanthan gum, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, potassium sorbate

Restore Gel (Step 3)

Water, isopentyldiol, witch hazel water, ethoxydiglycol, niacinamide, butylene glycol, cetearyl alcohol, chlorophyllin-copper complex (Floralux), bisabolol, squalane, ergothioneine, glycerin, cetearyl glucoside, licorice root extract, pentylene glycol, centella asiatica extract, mirococcus lysate, lecithin, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, caprylyl glycol, allantoin, ceteth-20 phosphate, hexylene glycol, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, phosphatidylcholine, polysorbate 60, decylene glycol, sodium ascorbate, carbomer, poylsorbate 20, xanthan gum, dicetyl phosphate, phenoxyethanol, aminomethyl propanol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, simethicone

Indulge Yourself In A Healthy Habit

  • Step 1: Cleanse
  • Step 2: Treat
  • Step 3: Restore
Clear Skin Routine Usage Image



Banish ick and oil with a nickel-sized dab of cleanser massaged into wet skin. Rinse with warm water, pat dry, and admire what’s revealed.

Clear Skin Routine Usage Image



Morning and evening, tap this powerful gel thinly over stressed areas with your fingertips and let it sink in. Watch troubles fade & texture begin to transform. Let the gel dry before moving on to Step 3.

Clear Skin Routine Usage Image



Smooth one or two pumps of cool vitamin-rich refreshing Floralux all over your face & feel as vivid as you are.

Garden-given, skin-lovin' beauty

naturally better

Garden Lush

An abundance of garden-given goodness, never poisoned with parabens, toxins or icky synthetics. Pure packs the difference we deserve, so we can see our skin as it's meant to be.


Nutrient Packed

Your face shows off everything it takes in. Feed it thoughtfully and it reveals its ideal. Using pure and potent ingredients, bioClarity nourishes to boost your natural beauty.


Get Glowing

Clear only counts if it's kind. Our soothing formulas correct and protect, healing without harm. Skin trades red for refreshed, itch for ease and shine for glow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 381 reviews

I have always had problem skin and have tried so many different skin care lines & while some things helped nothing ever cleared it up completely until now. My mom actually found bioClarity and recommended it to me after she saw drastic changes in her skin. After using it for only a few weeks I can't believe the change in my skin! My sister in law just came to visit last week and saw me without makeup in the mornings & she isn't the type to give compliments but one morning while we were talking she told me that some girls just have to wear make up but that I wasn't one of them. It was a total shock to me because I haven't ever had very nice skin and always felt like I needed to have some makeup on whenever I went out. Anyways thank you so much BioClarity for making such amazing products!!!! I can't wait to try the masks:)

Life changing

I have been using bioclarity for 7 months now, and I absolutely love it. After 3 weeks of using the product, I saw huge improvements in my skin, including a reduced amount of acne and a noticeable glow. I’ve struggled with acne for 10 years, and in my late teens and early 20s, I had especially bad cystic acne but bioclarity has practically eliminated that. My face has seem to stagnate however, and I continue to have small breakouts, but they are nothing compared to before I used this product. Overall, I love bioclarity


I was honestly surprised at how good this product works. I suffered with acne for a little bit over 6/7 years. A lot of white heads and hormonal acne. Nothing seeemed to get rid of my pimples or even prevent breakouts. And I couldn’t use anything to strong cause my skin is so sensitive. But the ingredients in bioclarity are gentle enough to prevent your skin from being irritated but strong enough to help with your acne.
They put a disclaimer, that it doesn’t treat cystic acne, but I had a few that were forming and when I put the salycic acid , it went away completly in at least 2 days . So it doesn’t really help cystic acne that has already surfaced but it is really good at preventing them.
Also I have some redness on my face and using bioclarity the redness has diminished almost 100%

100% Satisfied

I absolutely swear by their products! My biggest insecurity when it came to my skin was how red it always was. Now it is even and it doesn’t look like it constantly sunburnt! I recommend this product to all of my friends and family!

Better Skin Already

Before bioclarity I had OK skin, but there were always bumps on my forehead. When I found bioclarity, I was glad that it was natural, and that it came with a three step process. Now my skin is better and I get less pimples, blackhead, and whiteheads. And when I do get those they go away quickly. It is also very simple to use and apply and dose not take much time out of the day!