How I Healed My Skin When I Quit the Pill

By Jules Hunt Acne Treatment

How I Healed My Skin When I Quit the Pill

I initially started taking the pill when I was 17 years old to heal my cystic acne after exhausted attempts with benzoyl peroxide and antibiotic pills (which most definitely altered my gut flora and probably contributed to my GI issues). While the pill did temporarily clear up my skin, it was back to breakouts only six months later. And yet, I decided to continue taking the pill.

Fast forward 9 years later and I’m in deep with the worst chronic gut pain. After meeting with a functional medicine doctor, she concluded that birth control was probably affecting me and my gut more than I realized (disrupting my microbiome) and urged me to get off of it.

Deciding to get off of the pill was an easy decision to make. I had considered quitting for months, but my excuse was always that I didn't have time for acne or crazy mood swings. There will never be a 'good' time to have freakouts or breakouts, but the longer you wait, the harder it will be. It just took my doctor ordering it for me to finally take it seriously.

When I initially stopped taking birth control, my skin was experiencing some hormonal breakouts. While I could accept the shifts and transitions my body was going through, it was also super frustrating waking up with new uninvited pals every darn day and feeling like my skin wasn’t reflecting the huge progress I felt on the inside since quitting the pill.

So, I started digging into ways to help manage my acne.

Here’s what’s helped me heal my acne after stopping birth control:

1. An updated safe and non-toxic skincare routine.

I’ve been a strong clean beauty advocate since 2012, but despite my efforts, my skin wasn’t responding to my old routine. It wasn’t until I finally tried bioClarity ‘s Clear Skin Routine that I started to see an improvement. For those of you who might not know, bioClarity is a 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic skincare brand made with only good-for-you, plant-based ingredients.

products for clearing acne

Within two weeks my breakouts started to clear up and I felt like myself again. When trying a new skincare routine, you don't get results overnight. So, staying consistent with my routine has paid off. I’ve been avidly using bioClarity for almost a year now and I haven’t looked back since! While I do still get an occasional pimple around my period, it's nothing major, and that's quite normal.

Now, I’m such a big fan of all of their products such as their Clarifying Masque & Zen Ultra Calming Serum!

holding zen - ultra calming serum

2. Rebalancing my hormones

It's normal to look for answers when your body is experiencing noticeable side effects. I helped balance my hormones by taking daily adaptogens, trying acupuncture, and adding new supplements like zinc, B vitamins, evening primrose oil, and more. But, just know sometimes your body requires time and patience, and that’s ok. Always be sure to consult your doctor before trying any new supplements.

3. Avoiding allergens

I cut out gluten (I’m allergic to wheat) and limited my intake of dairy and refined sugars in order to heal my leaky gut syndrome. I also knowingly have negative reactions to corn, soy, and eggs, so those were out as well. Eliminating or reducing these foods that inflame my gut has been super helpful for keeping my skin in check.  

cleaning up diet to reduce acne

4. Practicing self-love and acceptance

I had to remember to be kind to myself and work on acceptance for whatever challenges came up during the transition off of birth control. Meditation is one of the best things you can do to manage your stress, anxiety, and invite more love, compassion, and understanding into your life. Breakouts tend to flare up when we’re stressed out so managing this with a regular meditation practice has definitely had a noticeable impact on my skin.



How I feel post-birth control

boosting confidence after birth control

It’s been over a year and a half since I quit the pill, and I can tell you for me personally it was the right decision. Once I got through the first month or so, it felt like a veil had been lifted. I feel more clear. I feel more energized. I've had an incredibly productive year in my biz. My period is completely regular, and my skin has never looked better.

I am so much more in tune with my body. I finally feel like I'm healing my body from the inside out instead of temporarily masking symptoms. It's very empowering to take back control of my body.

At the end of the day, it's YOUR body. It's your power. You can do whatever you want. Whether you choose to be on the pill or not, it's your choice and your choice alone. I can only share my experience, and everyone will have something different to share. I believe you will make the best decision FOR YOU.

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