How To (Mindfully) Get Wedding-Ready

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How To (Mindfully) Get Wedding-Ready

We're just a few short months away from our wedding celebration in Costa Rica, so naturally, I've been thinking a lot about what simple and sustainable steps I can take now in order to feel really good from the inside out on our Big Day. While I definitely don't support the mindset of "shredding for the wedding", I do understand wanting to show up as your most elevated, joyful and radiant self. I want my skin to glow, my gut to cooperate, my stress levels in check, and I want to feel boldly confident all around. Here are a few things I’m doing before I say ‘I do’.

1. Manage Stress Levels

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Say ‘No’ More

Let’s be real, wedding planning can be pretty time consuming, and it can feel stressful no matter how big or low-key your wedding is! I’ve been mindful of saying no to piling extra work and life commitments onto my plate right now so I can avoid any unnecessary overwhelm, give our wedding planning my attention, and really enjoy the process.

Prioritize Your Wellbeing

I’ve been making sure that I stick to a daily meditation practice, and I’ve been adding fun activities into my schedule to take some of the pressure off. Even though things feel busy right now, I enjoy going to hip hop dance classes (IT'S SO FUN!) Dancing and music personally help me build confidence! I’ve also been booking monthly massages that focus on relaxing my shoulders and + jaw (TMJ struggles) to help keep any physical tension under control.

2. Nourish Your Body From the Inside Out

Keep Up With Your Skincare Routine

I’m definitely not skimping on my clean beauty routine. I’ve been sticking to my bioClarity products because they’re clean, effective, and I’ve seen the results of using them from the get-go. I have uber-sensitive skin, and most clay masks make my skin itchy and splotchy afterward. So, of course, I expected this one to do the same, but it hasn't (maybe it's the combo of witch hazel, licorice root, and chlorophyll). The Clarifying Masque is my jam! I use it about once a week, and my pores thank me every time.

tips for getting wedding ready


I also use bioClarity’s Restore. It’s a gel-based treatment that is a staple in my routine because it makes my skin glow and fights zits n' redness with the help of Floralux from chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is also found in matcha (hello, bright greeeen!), and it's known for being incredible for the skin. It's hands-down my favorite bioClarity product.

Recently, I started incorporating the Dewy Dew multi-tasking mist as part of my skincare routine. It's super refreshing, and it has good ol’ Floralux in there! I use the mist in multiple ways: as a toner, after I wash my face, as a makeup setting spray, and as a nice mid-day refresher.

Establish Simple Self-Care Habits

I’m making sure I look after my skin and my body so I feel great, not just on my wedding day, but for day-to-day, too! Having an event like a wedding is totally a justifiable reason to want to look and feel your best, but I also think it’s important to create sustainable habits that you can benefit from for the short and long-term and continue with well beyond the big day. I’ve been doing full-body exfoliation using a real luffa (think natural materials) that I got from a farm. I also make sure to dry brush before I shower to help remove any dead skin. For my face, I use a jade roller, and practice gua sha to help with my overall skin texture and complexion.

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

Making sure I keep my gut health in check also impacts how I feel and how my skin looks. When I eat vibrant foods, I feel vibrant. Simple as that. I don’t follow a strict eating plan, and I don’t count calories. Nothing is off-limits except for foods I’m allergic to, but I do make it a priority to eat as fresh as I can. I also do my best to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water to make sure that my skin doesn’t look or feel dried out.

3. Breathe, Trust, and Enjoy the Process

At the end of the day, it’s about letting go of the expectation that everything needs to be perfect. No matter how much planning and preparation goes into it, there are always going to be things that are simply beyond anyone’s control, and that’s ok. So, I’m making sure I take things as they come, reminding myself that it’s going to be a great time, and focusing on what’s most important: I’m marrying the man of my dreams, my absolute best friend. AND we’re getting to share an incredible experience in a magical place with some of the most special people in our lives who are so excited to be comin’ along on this adventure with us. I'm beyond grateful, and I will embrace every minute of it.

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