How Often Should You Wash Your Face?

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How Often Should You Wash Your Face?

Skincare can be a constant struggle and may often seem like an uphill battle. However, when it comes to maintaining a radiant, healthy complexion, knowledge is power. Knowing the answers to questions like, "How often should you wash your face?" and "Should you wash your face twice a day?" can give you the upper hand on blemishes.

In short, the answer to how many times should you wash your face per day is one to two times. There is no magic number that applies to every person, but you should be thoroughly be washing your face at least once per day. However, many people need to wash twice because of their lifestyle. Factors such as your skin type and workout schedule may affect how often you should wash your face. So, let’s take a deeper look at this popular conundrum and break it down so you can find a face-washing routine that fits your unique lifestyle and complexion.

We’ve answered your most pressing concerns, from “how many times a day should I wash my face?” to “should I wash my face in the morning or at night”. To get the best answer to how often should you wash your face, we recommend reading the article from start to finish. 

How Often You Should Wash You Face Based on Your Skin Type

The most accurate answer is that it depends. Your skin type and lifestyle have a direct impact on how often you need to wash your face. While a thorough twice-daily washing might help some individuals maintain a clear complexion, it may exacerbate problems like rosacea for others.

First things first, your skin type is the biggest factor that will impact your skincare routine, including how many times you should wash your face per day. This is because no two skin types are the same, and how much sebum (oil secreted by the sebaceous glands in your pores) you produce will play a crucial role in your skincare regimen. So, how many times should you wash your face based on your skin type? 

Well, if you suffer from excessively oily skin, you should likely be washing your face twice per day. This is because oil is prone to getting trapped in your pores which leads to blemishes, so be sure cleanse regularly to prevent breakouts. 

If you have dry skin, you will probably be better off only washing your face once per day. This is because excessive cleansing could further strip your skin of its natural oils.

How many times to wash your face based on skin type

And last but not least, how many times a day should you wash your face if you have combination skin? When you have a combination skin type, where certain areas of your face are oily while others are dry (commonly characterized by breaking out in the "T-zone" area), the number of times you’ll need to cleanse your face on a daily basis will vary.

Generally speaking, you should wash your face twice a day—when you wake up and when you go to bed. However, this isn’t always the case; pay attention to your skin’s needs and watch how it responds to your routine. The best thing to do is focus on areas that tend to be oily or have frequent breakouts.

Still wondering what is my skin type? Start with our guide on basic care for each skin type.

How Often You Should Wash You Face Based on Your Lifestyle

Another important consideration in answering “how often should you wash your face?” is your lifestyle. If you exercise frequently, be sure to do a quick cleanse after your workouts to prevent sweat from clogging your pores. Don’t avoid exercising out of fear of sports-related acne; the increased blood flow from an elevated heart rate can actually help improve your complexion by pumping oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells—just remember to wash the grime and sweat off afterwards.

If you frequently travel, ask yourself, "should I wash my face in the morning or night?" based on your itinerary and consider packing along some antibacterial face wipes that will allow you to keep your complexion clear while you’re on the go.

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Should I wash my Face in the Morning or Night?

Now that we’ve addressed how many times a day you should wash your face, it’s time to answer the question "When should you wash your face?".

According to the Texas A&M University Health Center, you should wash your face in the morning and at night. But again, it depends on your skin.  

If you have oily skin, you should wash your face once in the morning and once at night. However, if you have a normal or dry skin, you may only need to do a thorough washing at night.

Should you wash your face in the morning or at night?

While many feel that your skin should still be clean when you wake up since you washed before bed, the argument for cleansing your face in the morning is that dead skin cells do shed overnight, which can contribute to clogging pores. As for washing at night, many believe this is non-negotiable because of the dirt, oils, and bacteria you encounter throughout the day. 

But what if you lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have time for both a morning and nighttime regimen? If you have to settle on washing your face just once per day, the jury is still out regarding what time is most effective. However, it’s typically more critical to wash at night to remove all the build up that has accumulated throughout the day. 

Ultimately, the best time to wash your face is when you’ll actually do it, so try to incorporate your cleansing into the daily routines you already have in place to make it as simple as possible to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Need more guidance on how to wash your face? Read our guide for everything you need to know!

What's the Harm in Washing Your Face Too Frequently?

While it might seem to go against everything you’ve ever heard or read in your favorite beauty magazines, the truth is that harm can be done by washing your face too frequently. From drying out your skin and causing irritation to potentially contributing to acne flare ups, overwashing your face does have its risks.  

Part of taking care of your skin is trial and error. While you can identify your skin type and use that as a guideline for face-washing frequency you need to pay close attention to when your skin becomes irritated from excessive washing. Symptoms to look out for include redness or irritation, itching, peeling, or flaking, brittle or cracking skin, and heightened levels of oil production.

how over-washing can harm your skin

Key Face Washing Tips

If you are washing your face twice per day, there are several things you should keep in mind to ensure that you’re doing the most good for your skin. 

First of all, you should always take off your makeup before you wash your face. You might be thinking, “but my face always looks clean when I do this”, it’s likely that remnants of makeup are still there—just not visible to the naked eye. 

And, whatever you do, don’t scrub at your skin. The skin on your face is delicate, and while the key to exfoliation might seem like it would be to scrub your face with force, it can actually harm the skin. Instead, you can achieve the same effect with gentler methods using salicylic or glycolic acid, like our acne treatment that is vegan and cruelty-free.

If you do choose to use a scrub, make sure you follow the American Academy of Dermatology’s recommendations on safe at-home exfoliation to avoid causing more harm than good.

Choosing You Skincare Products for the Best Face Washing Results

The skincare products you use can have a significant impact on the condition of your complexion, so you want to choose carefully. 

If you plan to wash your face twice per day, swap out your acne-fighting face wash for something more gentle and moisturizing for one of your daily cleanses. Pay attention to the ingredients in your face wash and other skincare products. Stay away from fragrances, parabens, and alcohol and be skeptical of labels that don’t include the phrase “non-comedogenic”. 

Keeping it Clean

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Look for face washes and skin products with ingredients that will nourish your skin. You might be surprised by the difference that certain ingredients can make, like the benefits of chlorophyll for the skin, the benefits of cucumber, and the power of green tea for acne

Just like with your face wash itself, you want to avoid alcohol-based toners. Instead, use one that will be gentler on your skin, like our Dewy Dew multi-tasking mist that serves as a toner (using mild witch hazel water) and as a setting spray.

When trying to figure out how to best care for combination skin when it comes to your face-washing routine, keep in mind that using a variety of products designed to target the needs of each area of your skin will yield the best results. For example, you want to use astringents for the oily areas and moisturizing creams for the dry regions of your skin.

Ultimately, the best approach to take for finding the right products for your face is to purchase the ones that have the most natural ingredients and won’t irritate your skin. From our vegan face wash to our hydrating moisturizer, BioClarity offers a gentle skincare program that will provide your skin with the nourishment it needs to stay healthy and protected.

And, if you still find yourself mulling over the question, “how often should I wash my face?”, the best thing to do is try switching up your routine to find whether once a day or twice a day works best for you.

Key Takeaways: How Often Should You Wash Your Face?

  • How many times should you wash your face per day? One to two times daily.
  • Your skin type and your lifestyle will determine how often you should wash your face.
  • Most individuals need to wash their face in the morning and at night to maintain a clear complexion.
  • Using gentle products is key to preventing harm from overwashing.
  • Testing each method out is the best way to determine what works best for your skin.


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