My Clear Skin Journey With bioClarity

By Allison Harter Skincare

My Clear Skin Journey With bioClarity

I’ll be honest—there’s nothing like clear skin and a fresh face to make you feel good, and ready to take on the world! After struggling with breakout after breakout, I was on the quest to find my clear skin solution. Just when I was losing all hope, I found bioClarity. The rest was history!

Here’s my story on how bioClarity changed my skin for the better, and gave me my confidence back. Let’s start from the beginning...

Acne was never an issue for me. Sure, I’d get a few breakouts and problem areas every once in a while, but nothing crazy so I never thought I’d have to worry about my skin. As I got older, and my hormones started to change, my skin started changing, too. Of course I was frustrated, but I figured it was just a phase and would pass. Growing up and going through emotions, stress, and boyfriends started to take a toll on my skin.

I tried so many products: the best of the best, the cheap stuff, the homemade stuff, all of it! Nothing was working, so I started to wonder if I was the one causing my skin issues.

I noticed myself becoming insecure with my own face, and the mirror was definitely not my friend during these times. But one day, I was introduced to bioClarity. I heard that it was vegan, safe for your skin, good for all skin types, and the ingredients looked promising. So I thought, one last attempt at this clear skin wing-a-ding won’t make matters any worse than it already was. After the first day of using bioClarity, I finally started having hope again for my skin!

My Skin Type & Acne Issues

My skin type is oily, yet kind of dry. I guess they call that “combination skin” in the beauty world. My forehead and nose are always way too oily, while the lower half of my face seems to be more on the thirsty side.

I never had any major acne issues, so for the longest time I thought I won the clear skin jackpot! Then suddenly, hard, red bumps started appearing on my face. They were so painful and under my skin. I would try to squeeze them to make them go away, but that only made things way worse. The next day, I'd wake up to two more of these bad boys on my face. I did some research and it turns out that those painful, hard lumps on my face were called cystic acne. Cystic acne is not your average pimple—these suckers feel like an invincible force that had taken over my face and called it their forever home. Nothing could cover their appearance, and nothing could take away the insecurity they gave me. I started trying so many different skincare products and remedies, hoping something would clear my skin. Everything made it worse, but then I found bioClarity.

My bioClarity Journey: How I Cleared Up My Skin

One day I was scrolling aimlessly online, and I saw a post about bioClarity. It caught my attention because I noticed it was vegan (I’m a veg-head, so the thought of clean products for my face sparked my interest). I looked at their website and immediately found three products that I thought would be best for my skin concerns. I wanted to give them a try but I thought, "Nothing worked before, why would something work now?"

A month later, I found a rad surfer on YouTube who was reviewing her skincare routine. I also surf, so I thought if her skin routine works for her, it’ll work for me. She was using bioClarity for all of her skincare needs. Even her body care routine included bioClarity, and let me tell you… Her skin looked so clear, smooth, and fresh! Right then and there, I was sold.

The next day, I made my purchase from bioClarity. I didn’t have high hopes, but I was excited to try these plant-based products. A week later, my product order arrived—my clear skin journey had begun!

Here’s the real tea: this stuff works. The three products I decided on literally changed my skin by clearing it up, smoothing the texture, and bringing life back into my dull skin. I can’t tell you how relieved I felt to finally see my own skin glow after SO LONG!

My secret acne-fighting weapons are Cleanse, Treat, and the Pore Purifier Clarifying Masque.


The first product I tried was Cleanse, the foaming facial cleanser. I only needed to use a little at a time, which made me even MORE happy that this cleanser would last for well over a month. What can I say? I’m a woman on a budget.

To wash my face, I splashed my face with some warm water, and massaged Cleanse into my skin. It felt soft and light, and there was zero burn or irritation like I’d experienced with other skincare products. It foamed up nicely and washed off easily.

I instantly noticed a small change in my skin after the very first use of Cleanse. I looked at myself in the mirror and just smiled. Did I just solve my case of cystic acne? I continued to use Cleanse every morning and night. After one week, my skin was not the same. In fact, for the first time in a long time, I began to love what I looked like without cover-up. But these results didn’t just happen from one product—let me introduce you to the other two products that piece the puzzle together, and changed my skin for the better.


The Treat acne treatment gel is my favorite out of these three products. It's my little secret to achieving and maintaining a clear, acne-free face. Treat is basically a spot treatment meant to help fight breakouts, clear pores of acne-causing bacteria, and soothe skin. I’m not kidding, Treat is the reason why my skin is clear ALL the time. Even during those evil monthly menstrual moments, my skin is still clear! I just dab a little bit of Treat onto the area where I feel a pimple coming on and all the areas that my acne tends to gravitate to, which are my chin, right cheek, and forehead.

Treat contains exfoliating salicylic acid, calming oat kernel, and moisturizers that battle blemishes without drying out my skin or making it dull. I always apply it right after washing my face. My boyfriend has even noticed a huge difference in my skin! If you’re looking for your skincare partner in crime to fight away all those acne villains, trust me, Treat will not let you down.

I always recommend Treat to everyone who asks me what I use on my face. I share my little secret with them, and now you can have it too!

Pore Purifier Clarifying Masque

The Pore Purifier Clarifying Masque is the product that gets deep into my pores and handles the dirty work. This masque is packed with superfoods and nourishing Floralux to tone, refine, and revive your skin. The application is super easy and fun. I usually apply the masque all over my face, but sometimes I only apply it to problem areas that have multiple little baby pimples trying to mess up my clear skin streak. Pore Purifier is deep green, which gives me the full experience of a plant-based skincare feeling. I let the masque sit for about 20-30 minutes, or until it fully dries. The part I love the most is when it’s completely dry and ready to wash off. I open my mouth real wide, and get a kick out of that dry mask feeling -- you know, the one where it’s all stiff, and when you make a huge facial expression, it breaks apart and feels so strange yet weirdly satisfying? I dig that part.

Normally, I use the Pore Purifier Clarifying Masque one to two times a week. This product is the glue that holds my clear skin together. It doesn’t dry out my skin, and it’s also an exfoliant. To wash it off, just wet your skin and gently rub your clean hands on your face using circular motions to massage the product off your skin. Pat dry with a clean towel, and that's it!

My Truth

I’ve been using bioClarity for a while now, and I’m definitely going to stick to my three favorite products to continue loving my clear skin. I do recommend ending your skin care routine with a good moisturizer. I’ll be adding bioClarity’s Hydrate Skin Smoothie to my next order for sure, along with their Dewy Dew multi-tasking facial mist--super excited for this one!

If you’re struggling with any acne issues, big or small, give bioClarity a try. All of their products are plant-based, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free! I hope you have beautiful adventures while you’re on your journey to clean, clear, and happy skin.

I can’t wait to hear YOUR bioClarity story!

About the Author

Allison Harter is a creative copywriter, innovative enthusiast, lover of music, long runs, and you can always find her surfing it up in the ocean. She believes that living an overall healthy lifestyle promotes happiness and longevity for a strong thriving body, mind, and self. Her exposure to the ocean and sun sparked her passion for a healthy skincare routine.

"I never wanted to conform. I wanted to stand out, & stand up for people just like you and me. For the doers, the dreamers, the believers, & the game changers."

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