12 Natural Beauty Tips for Happy, Glowing Skin

By Abby Vinas Skincare Tips

12 Natural Beauty Tips for Happy, Glowing Skin

When it feels like clear skin is out of reach, following natural beauty tips may be all you need to get your best skin ever. Some people choose to stick to natural remedies for acne, but there are plenty of other things you can do to help improve your skin, including small lifestyle tweaks. Throw in some gentle yet effective skincare products and you’ve got a recipe for happy, glowing skin. Here are 11 natural beauty tips for a healthy complexion:

1. Make Water Less Boring by Adding Fruits and Herbs

Proper hydration isn’t only good for the skin, but it’s also good for the entire body. Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to help maintain regular bodily functions. Not a fan of drinking plain water? You’re not alone! Make it taste less boring by adding fruits and herbs, and hopefully the tasty flavors will help encourage you to drink more water daily. Fruits like citrus, berries, and melons are a great place to start, and pair well with herbs like mint, basil, or rosemary. Simply add the ingredients to a pitcher of water, let it sit for two hours, and enjoy.

2. Buy an Aloe Plant

Aloe vera is a plant that’s rich in vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and fatty acids that help fight free radical damage and improve your overall complexion. Aloe vera is widely used for treating and relieving mild to moderate sunburns, but it also has healing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, which has led to the use of aloe vera for acne. Instead of buying packaged aloe gel from the store, you can easily grow the plant at home! Then carefully cut off a leaf, peel away the skin, and apply the gel directly to your skin. Keep it in the fridge prior to use for an extra cooling skin treat.

You can also find aloe vera as an ingredient in skincare products like face masks. Our Pore Purifier Clarifying Masque contains aloe vera to help soothe skin, along with tea tree and micro-silver to fight off breakouts and even skin tone and texture.

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3. Add More Veggies to Your Diet

Research has shown that diet is a potential cause of acne. What you eat shows up on your skin so it’s essential to feed your body well. At bioClarity, we’re all about getting your greens through skincare, but they also belong in your diet. Vegetables are rich in various vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients to help improve skin health by supporting collagen production, protecting against oxidative damage and free radicals, and keeping skin strong. The next time you’re out grocery shopping, be sure to stock up on veggies like kale, broccoli, carrots, and bell peppers.

4. Try a Homemade Face Mask

Using face masks gives you a spa-like skin treat without leaving your house or breaking the bank. Better yet, you can make a face mask using items found in your own kitchen. For acne-prone skin, try mixing together a banana, baking soda, and turmeric. Bananas are rich in vitamin A, which promotes cell turnover, while turmeric fights acne-causing bacteria. The baking soda helps with oil control. You can also combine honey, avocado, and oatmeal to create a face mask that helps exfoliate and moisturize skin. The possibilities are endless!

5. Use a Jade Roller

Jade rollers are a skincare tool that make a great addition to any skincare routine. Jade rolling helps stimulate circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, visibly reduce puffiness, and fight fine lines. If used often, it’ll leave your skin brighter with a more even complexion plus it’s a nice soothing massage for your skin.

How to Use a Jade Roller

Use a jade roller after applying your favorite serum or moisturizer, gliding the tool over all areas of your face and being extra gentle around the delicate eye area. Avoid pressing too hard or using too much pressure; just use a light hand and the weight of the jade roller itself will do the work for you. Start with your neck and roll vertically, starting from your jawline and rolling down towards your collarbone. Next, roll horizontally along your cheeks, starting from the center of your face and going out towards your ears. Move on to your forehead, where you’ll return to rolling vertically, moving upward. Lastly, roll horizontally across your undereyes.

6. Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Sleep is essential for overall good health. Your body enters a regenerative state while you snooze, which is why it’s important to get enough sleep every night. During this time, your body works to repair and heal itself, and replaces older skin cells with healthy new ones. Lack of sleep can result in dark circles under the eyes, along with the release of stress hormones that cause an increase in inflammation, which can then worsen skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. The release of stress hormones also interferes with the production of collagen, the protein responsible for keeping skin supple and firm.

7. Take Care of Your Body by Using a Body Scrub

Natural skincare tips don’t just apply to your face. The skin on your body deserves the same amount of love and attention you give to your face so you can glow from head to toe. Like your face, your body can accumulate dead skin cells, resulting in dullness and uneven skin texture. Get your glow back by using a body scrub to exfoliate the skin and smooth away impurities. Try a homemade scrub made from a mixture of brown sugar and coconut oil and use it regularly to slough away dead skin cells and reveal newer, younger skin cells underneath. If you have dry or sensitive skin, try exfoliating just once a week to avoid causing any irritation or dryness.

8. Reduce Eye Puffiness with Chilled Green Tea Bags

If you struggle with morning eye puffiness, try placing chilled green tea bags on the eye area. Tea bags are a popular home remedy since the caffeine helps constrict blood vessels, thereby visibly reducing eye puffiness, inflammation, and dark circles. To use them, simply steep the tea bags as usual, then squeeze out the extra liquid and place them in the fridge for about 20 minutes or so. After they’ve cooled down, place them on top of closed eyes and leave on for 15 minutes.

9. Practice Stress Management to Avoid Stress-Related Acne

Stress is no fun, and it’s no fun for your skin either. Your body responds to stress by producing stress hormones, which then stimulate the production of oil. This oil can combine with bacteria and debris in the pores, and result in breakouts. To prevent stress-related acne, take a break once in a while to relax, unwind, and reset. Whatever it is that helps you relieve stress, whether it’s exercise or listening to music, make time for it!

10. Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

Your hands come into contact with a lot of different objects and surfaces every single day. Think about all the bacteria, dirt, and oil that accumulates on your fingertips -- it’s a little gross, right? Whenever you touch your face, you transfer that gunk to your skin and potentially cause a new breakout.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Pick or Pop Pimples

If you tend to pick at or pop pimples, it’s time to break the habit. We know it can be hard to resist the urge, but do your best. Popping pimples will only push the bacteria and pus further into the pores, worsen inflammation, and increase the likelihood of damaging the skin tissue and developing a scar. Avoid this by keeping your hands off your face and let your skin heal on its own.

11. Maintain a Daily Skincare Routine

Build a skincare routine made up of products specifically designed for your skin type. Make sure to include the basic steps such as a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, along with anything formulated to help with your skin concerns. In need of extra hydration? Try a serum made with hyaluronic acid, a highly hydrating ingredient that helps keep skin hydrated and retain moisture. Battling with acne and breakouts? Use an acne treatment gel containing salicylic acid, a powerful-acne fighting ingredient that also helps gently exfoliate skin to keep pores clear.

Most importantly, stick to your routine! Like many other things in life, consistency is key when it comes to skincare. Put in the work and your skin will thank you for it.

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12. Prioritize Sun Protection All Year Long

Sun protection is always included in summer skincare tips for obvious reasons, but it’s a critical step in your morning routine every day of the year. Many people think sunscreen is only necessary when you plan to spend time outdoors, but UV rays from the sun aren’t the only thing that can cause skin damage. Blue light emitted from digital devices like computers and smartphones can negatively affect skin by accelerating signs of aging, and let’s not forget that UV rays can hit your skin through windows. All of this points to the importance of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, even if you’ll be spending the day indoors.

SunShady and SunFilter, our non-nano 100% mineral zinc oxide sunscreens for face and body offer protection against harmful UV rays, blue light, environmental pollutants, free radicals, and premature signs of aging. On top of that, SunFilter doubles as an everyday moisturizer and is clinically proven to provide 12 hours of hydration.

Abby Vinas

Abby Vinas

Abby Vinas has long been an active member of the holistic health community, advocating in favor of its benefits to both our physical and emotional well-being. Her commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle has made her an authority on self-care practices. Abby is passionate about fitness, nutrition, and proper skincare, and is also an avid lover of avocado toast and dog-petting.