10 Summer Skincare Tips

By Marc Peterson

10 Summer Skincare Tips

Pool parties, barbeques, and festivals are just a few of the sun-soaked activities you have to look forward to this summer. Even if a summer break is a thing of the past, it’s still the best season to take some time off of work for a much-needed vacation or to plan some backyard get-togethers while the weather is warm. For many, summer is the best time to get that perfectly golden tan, while others dread the intense rays and potential skin damage the season offers. No matter what your tanning goals are, there are some tips for healthy skin in the summer you should be aware of.

1. Know Your Complexion Skin care during the summer can be a challenge; the first step in figuring out how to take care of your skin is to determine your complexion. No two complexions are the same; darker skin tends to contain more melanin, your body’s natural defense against sun damage. While you can always wear sunscreen, knowing how much sun you can take in is one of the most important summer tips for skin. Those with extremely pale skin need to get a higher broad-spectrum SPF to get adequate protection.

2. Use Sunscreen Sunscreen is paramount for summer skin care. Even if your primary goal is to get a glowing, golden tan, you still need to use sunscreen. Make sure sun protection for your face and body is integrated into your summer skincare routine—it’s one of the most critical summer skin care tips. Unprotected UV exposure may help you achieve a bronze complexion, but it will also do permanent damage to your skin, lead to premature aging, and put you at risk for cancer later in life.

3. Learn How to Tan the Right Way There are so many pervasive, unhealthy myths in circulation about tanning and skin health—it’s hard to know what information to trust. However, credible summer skin care tips will tell you that you should steer clear of tanning oils and lotions. No sunscreen is capable of completely protecting you from all of the sun’s rays; you can still build a summer tan (safely!) while using sun protection products.

4. Face Care in the Summer Taking care of your skin during the summer can pose unique hurdles; sun protection and makeup may seem like a daunting task. Face care in summer is all the more challenging without knowing which products to use. Use skincare products with natural ingredients to protect your skin from sun damage without clogging your pores. If sunscreen is thick and oily, it can easily lead to blemishes; start using a natural daily face cleanser so you can keep your skin healthy, free of any dirt or debris. Summer skin care will be a breeze with the right tools in your arsenal. For a clean, fresh and hydrated skin this summer we recommend:

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5. Get Plenty of Rest Rest is an essential aspect of maintaining healthy skin no matter what the season is, but it’s especially important during the summer months when we’re more active. One of the underappreciated summer tips for skin is ensuring your body gets plenty of rest, during which time it boosts melanin production, repair damaged skin cells and revitalize your complexion. The more rest you get, the better job your immune system can do to fight off any acne-causing bacteria you might be battling.

6. Exercise Don’t stay inside watching TV when you could be out and about hiking or playing beach volleyball with your friends. Getting enough exercise is not only great for your health, but also included in our tips for healthy skin in the summer skin because it increases your body’s blood flow and oxygen circulation. The better your circulation is, the easier it is for your body to repair any damaged tissue, whether it’s acne or a sunburn.

7. A Healthy Diet Diet plays an essential role in your skin’s overall health. While you might not expect "a healthy diet" to show up on a list of summer skin care tips, it certainly belongs here. Diets rich in grease, sugar, and carbs are closely associated with acne and poor skin health. If having glowing, healthy skin is a priority for you this summer, it might be time to start making better eating choices. Fixing your diet is much easier said than done, especially during the summer months when you’re always on the go, but try to opt for the healthier alternatives wherever possible.


8. Exfoliate Your skin will be working overtime as it tries to heal any burns or irritation over summer. If you don’t already exfoliate, begin incorporating it into your summer skin care routine to help slough off dead skin. Grab a loofah or a pack of wash clothes to gently scrub your skin with a trusted acne product. However, it’s important that you don’t over-exfoliate and you keep your scrubbers clean after each use.

9. Moisturize Your skin can easily become dry and flakey in the summer; make sure to use a generous amount of moisturizer. Look for lotions that contain aloe Vera and vitamin E that will provide additional nourishment to your skin. Keeping you and your skin hydrated is a must for summer skin care.

We recommend BioClarity Hydrate: A skin smoothie for your face. This lightweight, breathable moisturizer will pump moisture and nutrients back into the skin. 

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10. Don’t Stress Summer is supposed to be about relaxing and having fun right? Stop stressing—it’s bad for your skin! Worrying over deadlines, how you look in a two-piece, or unexpected breakouts will only make acne worse. Manage your stress to help manage your complexion; your mind will thank you, as well.

If you’re in need of the best products for face care in summer, look no further than BioClarity. Our garden-given, skin-lovin' line of products will help your summer skin care routine and make sure you look radiant into the winter.