Top 5 Acne Mistakes

By Marc Peterson

Top 5 Acne Mistakes

Did you know you might be making your breakouts worse without even knowing it? Help your skin to be blemish-free by avoiding these common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not using an acne treatment consistently. It takes time for the skin to respond to a treatment. Effective acne treatments can take weeks or even months before noticeable improvements are made, and breakouts may worsen temporarily upon the beginning of treatment. Not following an acne routine consistently will only slow the healing process.


Mistake #2: Not wearing sunscreen. Many people ask if the sun helps acne and we've got your answers. Guard yourself from damaging UV rays that can dry out the skin and increase sebum production, which can worsen acne breakouts. Apply enough sunscreen to cover all your bare skin before you leave the house. Even if it’s a cloudy day, the sun it’s still there.  It’s important to find sunscreens that are water-resistant with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher.


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Mistake #3: Popping pimples. We know, it might be tempting but it actually slows the healing process and increases the chances of infection and acne scarring.


Mistake #4: Not cleaning your smartphone. We use them every day and take them everywhere. Even if we don’t see it, it’s there. Our phones are covered by bacteria. So, it’s important to keep our smartphones clean to avoid the dirt and bacteria that lives on your phone to spread onto your skin. You can use anti-bacterial wipes to clean it.


Mistake #5: Not eating well. Build out a healthy immune system to help combat acne-causing bacteria by enjoying plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Your skin loves their antioxidants, vitamins and healthy fats. Steer clear of sugary and processed foods, which stress your system and make it harder to look and feel your best.