How To Layer Your Skincare Products Like A Pro

By Laura Martinez

How To Layer Your Skincare Products Like A Pro

Have you ever wondered if the order in which you apply your skincare products matter? The same way we pay close attention to what products are a good fit for our skin, we should know how to apply them in the correct sequence. Why? Because layering your daily skincare treats all wrong can decrease the overall effectiveness of your routine, preventing you from getting the full benefits. And who wants that, right?

The rule of thumb is to go from thinnest to thickest. Now here’s how to layer your skin goodies the right way. You may want to skip some steps based on your skincare needs.

Step 1: Cleanser

None of the creams or serums we use would be effective if we don’t start with a fresh, clean face. To remove all oil, dirt, makeup or any impurities from your face, be sure to use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients that can irritate or dry out your skin.

WHEN TO APPLY: morning and evening
HOW MUCH: a dime-sized amount

  • Use lukewarm water. Cold water won’t tighten your pores, and hot water can be very irritating and dehydrate your skin.
  • Pat skin dry with a fresh towel to avoid spreading any germs from used towels onto your cleansed face.
  • Be gentle with your skin and use a soft towel to dry your face.
  • Don’t forget your neck and hands, and wash them, too.

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Step 2: Masques

Who doesn’t love some pampering? Masques are the perfect weekly indulgent treat. And the time to apply them is after your face is beautifully cleansed.

HOW OFTEN: once/twice weekly
HOW MUCH: enough to cover the targeted areas

  • Don’t leave your masque on for too long (it won’t give you better results), or too short (the masque may not have dried out, and will complicate the removal process).
  • Be sure you remove all traces of your masque by rinsing or cleansing your face.


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    Step 3: Toner

    Toners are not a must-have, but if you use one, make sure you’re doing it after you cleanse. Occasions in which toners can be beneficial are when you wear a lot of makeup, have excessively oily skin, and your cleanser wasn’t able to fully remove the last traces of makeup or dirt from your face.  

    WHEN TO APPLY: morning and/or evening, depending on how your skin tolerates it and how well your cleanser has done its job
    HOW MUCH: a few drops

  • Go Alcohol-free, always. Toners that contain alcohol can be extremely drying and irritating to your skin.
  • Delicately wipe your face from the inner to the outer areas of your face.

    Step 4: Treatment Products

    Prone to pimples? You can now proceed to apply your treatment products to those troubled areas of your face.

    WHEN TO APPLY: morning and/or evening, depending on how your skin reacts to the treatment
    HOW MUCH: dime-sized amount, or less if targeting specific areas of your face

  • If your skin starts to feel dry, apply your product only once a day or every other day until sensitivity subsides.
  • Apply product only to stressed areas.
  • Let the product sink in and dry before moving onto your next step.

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    Step 5: Serum

    Serums are highly-concentrated products that help address specific skin concerns such as redness, skin discoloration, or wrinkles. They are designed to allow the key ingredients to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

    WHEN TO APPLY: Morning and/or evening
    HOW MUCH: 2-3 drops
    TIP: A little goes a long way. Apply small dots of serum to your face and then blend the product evenly.


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      Step 6: Eye Cream

      If using an eye product as part of your skincare ritual, this is the time to apply it. You want to make sure you protect this area from other skincare products.

      WHEN TO APPLY: morning and/or evening, depending on the consistency (rich cream vs. gel)
      HOW MUCH: a pea-sized amount

    • Use your ring finger, as it has the gentlest touch.
    • Tap and don’t stretch your skin, as it’s a very delicate area of your face.


      Step 7: Moisturizer

      Regardless of your skin type, we all need a moisturizer in our lives. Every day we are exposed to environmental factors like the sun, frigid air or even stress, all of which can decrease the natural moisture levels of your skin. Moisturizers also help seal any hydrating benefits from the previous products of your skin ritual.

      WHEN TO APPLY: Morning and evening
      HOW MUCH: A dime-sized amount

    • Don’t use your moisturizer around your eyes, as the skin on this area of your face is different and more delicate, and the richer consistency of a moisturizer can cause the area of your eyes to become oily. Use an eye cream instead.
    • Don’t neglect your neck! It does need some love and hydration, too. Just be sure to apply it in an upward motion.
    • Let it dry before applying any makeup or sunscreen.


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    • TIP: Restore has a thinner consistency than Hydrate, so if using both, always apply it before our Skin Smoothie.

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      Step 8: Sunscreen

      Probably the most critical step if planning to leave the house during the day is to protect your face from the damaging rays of the sun. The sun is still there, even on cloudy days, so don’t forget to wear sunscreen every day, all year round. It should be applied last as the purpose of sunscreen is to act as a protective barrier, so it could prevent your other skincare products from penetrating if you put it on before. We recommend using a mineral, natural sunscreen. They are gentler to your skin and are free from all the undesired harsh chemicals.

      WHEN TO APPLY: Daytime
      HOW MUCH: 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon for face and neck

    • Apply sunscreen before going into the sun.
    • Don’t forget to re-apply if exposing your skin to the outdoors for more than 30 minutes.
    • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, as SPF only blocks UVB rays (not UVA).
    • Use enough to cover your face and body evenly.


    • Now that we’ve got all the skincare layering covered, you’re ready to show off your glowing complexion.