4 Tips For Building Self-Confidence That Shines From The Inside Out

By Jules Hunt Lifestyle

4 Tips For Building Self-Confidence That Shines From The Inside Out

Confidence is beautiful. Yet, why is it so hard to achieve? I look back at moments when I lacked self-confidence and wish I could have just believed in myself from the start. Loving your body, your mind, yourself… it can be a challenge at times, and we all have our moments when confidence suddenly seems so hard to find. I've come a long way in my journey, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t ever feel insecure. After all, it’s part of human nature to introspect, dissect, and look for things we want to change.

However, I’ve realized that feeling confident is really all about your mindset. This is a reminder to you (and myself) that sometimes the only one standing in your way is you. Here are my best tips for building your own self-confidence:

1. Embrace The Imperfections

You are who you are, and that is your power. It’s up to you whether you choose to work for it or against it. When I see women who are unapologetically themselves, it makes my heart happy. To me, confidence means many things. Confidence is:

  • Being imperfectly you, embracing the raw and unrefined, and giving yourself the same kind of love and support you'd give to your best friend.
  • Looking fear in the face and consciously choosing not to let it stop you.
  • Going after what you want, even if you don't feel ready.
  • Believing in all the things that make you YOU.

2. Be Your Own Advocate

Confidence requires us to be our own advocate even amongst the fear, uncertainty, and limiting beliefs. Finding the courage and confidence in ourselves is not an easy task, especially in a noisy world filled with mixed messaging, underrepresentation, and lack of transparency. Contrary to what others might have you think, feeling strong, confident, and empowered doesn’t mean there is an absence of fear. You are still allowed to be afraid, but it’s a CHOICE to keep moving towards what you are after regardless of that fear.

tips for building self-confidence


3. Tune In to What's Important to You

It's a powerful thing to acknowledge when YOU approve of you and your life. When you approve of yourself, you're actually quite unstoppable. Imagine that. I challenge you (and me!) to turn down the volume on all the other voices and turn UP the volume on your own internal self-love meter. And my goodness, when you can cut through the outside noise, clear the clutter, and focus on what it is you want - not what you *think* the world wants of you - then that's when you're unstoppable. Mindset is absolutely everything. You create your life with your thoughts. look forward, focus on where you want to go, breathe deeply, and trust you have the strength you need to take flight. Then, do the damn thing.

4. Invest In Your Own Wellbeing

When I treat myself well, I feel well. And that lets me put the best version of myself out into the world. Self-care can definitely be a catalyst for greater self-confidence whether that’s eating healthy foods, making it to all your planned workouts for the week, or pampering yourself a little. I love the Clarifying Masque from bioClarity, which I typically do once a week. I have really sensitive skin, and it’s the only clay mask I’ve used that hasn’t made my skin itchy and red afterward. Maybe it’s the combo of witch hazel, licorice root, and Floralux from chlorophyll. After using this product for over a year, it’s still my jam! It’s gentle, free of harsh chemicals, effective, and makes my skin feel wonderful! Do the little things like weekly facials that make you feel good when you need them. It’s empowering, I promise ya!

tips for building self-confidence


The more confident and comfortable you are in your own skin, the happier you will be. You’ll stress LESS, and you’ll feel a greater capacity to pursue life with peace, positivity, and good intentions. Spend more time developing YOU and less time worrying about what others think. Have FUN and focus on finding peace & acceptance within the process.

About the Author

Jules Hunt is a wellness entrepreneur, yoga & mindfulness teacher, plant lady, dog mama, and creator of health and wellness blog, Om & The City. She uses her platform to share real, actionable insight on everyday wellness, inspire personal growth, and empower her audience to lead a simplified yet meaningful lives filled with joy and purpose.

She created Om & The City to share her raw and ever-evolving wellness journey while giving women the inspiration to take action in their own lives.

"Holistic wellness isn’t about perfection, it’s about moving forward, sometimes backward, and making the most of every moment in between. Through Om & The City, I hope to inspire wellness, realness, and fearless motivation in your daily life."