Scary Skincare Ingredients

Following a proper skin care routine is vital for keeping acne in check, but determining just what that routine should be can be tough. Surprisingly, a large number of the most popular acne treatments have the potential to permanently mar the skin and cause some pretty nasty health consequences, too.

What's Really in Your Skin Care Products?

We’ve outlined some of the most common acne treatments and ingredients on the market today and delved into the scary things these chemical solutions and oral medications might be doing to your body and mind. Take a look at the active ingredients in your acne treatment and see if you recognize any of these:

Benzoyl Peroxide

You’ve likely encountered this ingredient many times before, as it tends to be a hallmark ingredient in topical acne treatments. While its ability to combat pimples and acne blemishes is noticeable, this ingredient can also result in some dastardly side effects.  From irritation and redness to itching and dryness, some Benzoyl Peroxide users have even found this product causes premature aging. While Benzoyl Peroxide may alleviate acne symptoms over the short term, you might question long term treatment.

Free Radicals

Free Radicals

An important part of skin care is sun protection, but be wary of the type of sunscreen you lather onto your skin before heading out to the beach. Some sunscreens may contain ingredients like avobenzone, PABA, and ethoxycinnamate that promote the formation of free radicals. Free radicals cause cancer and even DNA damage, so it’s important to minimize production of these harmful agents as much as possible.



While not a topical application, we couldn’t leave isotretinoin off of the list. This powerful medication became a mainstay of intensive acne treatment for years, but it turns out this Vitamin A derivative can result in severe health consequences. Accutane was a popular isotretinoin acne treatment, but was taken off the market back in 2009 after it was revealed the drug may cause severe mental health issues, including depression and suicidal thoughts, along with a host of physical conditions, including nose bleeds, light sensitivity, joint pain, rash, and drowsiness.



This toxic ingredient isn’t often found listed on labels, but its effects can be extreme. Prolonged use of dioxins can lead to the development of cancerous cells, impair the immune system, and create nervous system disorders. If used by pregnant women, they can cause birth defects and even miscarriage.

So What Should I Use?

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