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Our customers’ values, beliefs and self-transformation stories were so inspiring that we did something we’ve never done before:
We invited 6 of our customers to share with the world.

We hope that in sharing their truths and their journeys you will be encouraged, find comfort and be motivated to be better and kinder to yourself each and every day –unleashing that light inside to shine bright for all the world to see. Every one of us is on our own journey –it’s not about reaching the finish line of perfection, it’s about being free to reveal your true nature.


ANDREA M comes clean on


The thing that I love about my skin the most is the fact that I can just go out...I can pull my hair back now and show off my face. And that's just been such a big, big step for me. After using bioClarity, it just made me feel like myself...And I have no worries in the world.

– Andrea M, 26, bioClarity customer for 6 months

LIZ R comes clean on

beyond breakouts

I felt like when I interacted with people, they were looking at what was wrong with my face instead of who I was as a person. And people thought I was shy. You know, I was shyer and wasn't super outgoing but that wasn't really who I was as a person…. bioClarity has helped me. Just kind of come out of my shell and be more willing to interact with people because I'm not obsessing or over analyzing what people might think about what I look like.

– Liz R, 23, bioClarity customer for 9 months

RACHEL S comes clean on

affordable clean beauty

When I saw that it was affordable it really communicated to me that bioClarity wants people to have access, that clear skin or even non-toxic products aren’t a luxury or for just a certain type of person - everyone should have access to products that heal and bless their body instead of hurt it.

– Rachel S, 23, bioClarity customer for over a year

ANDREA D comes clean on

harsh toxins

We're in an environment with lots of pollution. And so I thought to myself, why put more toxins in? Why put more artificial gunk on my skin and try something that could remove the toxins that I already have and not add to it?

– Andrea D, 21, bioClarity customer for 10 months

ALESHA C comes clean on

real results

I started seeing results with bioClarity about 2 weeks after I started using it...my skin was like, glowing. It was amazing the transformation... I was not wearing any makeup anymore. It is a wonderful feeling. It’s a feeling that you can tell from the inside out.

– Alesha C, 28, bioClarity customer for 6 months

RACHEL S comes clean on

the power of plants

I became really passionate about using plant-based items because plants are full of life. They’re going to bring back life into my skin and heal my body naturally.

– Rachel S, 23, bioClarity customer for over a year

SHARI F comes clean on


I have the utmost respect for bioClarity - that they take the time to make solid, clean, healthy products. I am sure it is not easy, but the fact that they genuinely care about you and to have someone looking out for you is nice. Everyone is usually just another number and just trying to get another sale. And having a company that has these types of values is beautiful.

– Shari F, 29, bioClarity customer for 2 years
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