Top Tips to Remember to Take Your Beauty Supplement

By Laura Martinez

Top Tips to Remember to Take Your Beauty Supplement

We’ve all been there. We buy supplements, and with the best of intentions, we tell ourselves we’ll take them every day. But the truth is, it’s easy to forget, especially when you’re juggling multiple vitamins and taking care of your everyday tasks. Convenience comes in handy, that’s why we crafted our beauty supplement, Beauty Boost, packed with essential vitamins and nutrients to support healthy, glowing skin, all in one vegan tablet. It’s the perfect and easiest way to kickstart your skin’s radiance naturally while feeding your skin from within.

Here are some simple (yet effective) tips that will help you remember to take your supplements and build a long-lasting, healthy habit.

1. Keep them visible

Out of sight, out of mind. Probably we can all relate here. If you leave vitamins in the kitchen cabinet, chances are you’ll forget you put them there. Instead, place them on the kitchen counter or on any dry, cool place you spend time every day. If it’s in plain sight, you won’t forget to take them.

2. Take them on the go

Throw your vitamins in your purse or backpack if you’re going to be out of your house all day. This way, wherever you go, your supplements will come with you. Just remember to keep them in a cool place. So, if you’re planning an adventurous road trip where you’ll be driving in hot weather, don’t forget your belongings in the car.

3. Take them with food

You don’t forget to eat, so let food serve as another reminder. Pack your goodies with your lunch and take your supplements before or after you finish eating. 

bioClarity Beauty Boost was designed to fit right into your everyday busy lifestyle. You can choose to take our plant-powered beauty supplement either with food or beverage.

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Feed your skin from within with this beauty supplement packed with powerful vitamins, magical super herbs and green-powered Floralux™.
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4. Combine them with your daily skin routine









Incorporating your supplements into your beauty regimen is the perfect way to make taking them a simple habit.



Take Beauty Boost before or after you use your other bioClarity skin faves and be ready to perfect your garden-given ritual of care.  

Even though for best results we recommend taking one tablet in the morning and one in the evening, if preferred and more convenient, you can take the daily dose at once. It’s entirely up to you! Whatever is that best fits into your daily routine.

beauty supplement on nightstandBedtime Ritual: Place your supplements on your nightstand and pop them in your mouth right before you go to bed.    Morning Ritual: After you feed your skin from the outside-in with your beauty goodies, or after you eat breakfast, take your supplements to kickstart your day. 

5. Set up an alarm

Our phones go with us everywhere, and we use them every day. So, if you set up an alert, there’s a big chance you’ll hear and see your scheduled reminder.