2018 Clean & Green Holiday Gift Guide

By Laura Martinez Lifestyle

2018 Clean & Green Holiday Gift Guide

It's that exciting time of the year when family and friends reunite to celebrate! It’s the season of gifting, or should we say, the season of spending? There’s no reason to panic; you can still master the art of gifting and look like a Rockstar without having to empty your bank account. How? With our ultimate gift guide! It's chock-full of affordable, clean and green gifts for everyone on your list.

Find the perfect gift for the Spa Lover, Yogi, Beauty Junkie, Health Nut, Jetsetter, and Outdoor Enthusiast. 

For the Spa Lover

Who doesn’t like to unwind and relax? We all need to be pampered from time to time, especially during the hectic holiday season. These indulgent treats exude relaxation and make having an at-home spa experience possible. Your besties and family will thank you.

1. Essential Oils: Treat your spa lover to a real aromatherapy experience by getting some essential oils. Choose calming scents that help relieve stress and tension like lavender, cedarwood, or eucalyptus.

2. bioClarity Multi-Masker, Multi-Tasker Bundle: Get your loved one a facial in flash and help their skin recover from the holiday indulgence with our masque duo. They’ll perfect their multi-masking skills and instantly reveal smooth, exfoliated, toned and tighten skin.

  • Clarifying Masque: We call it the Pore Purifier, and there’s a reason for it. Its botanical blend of Aloe, Tea Tree, and Witch Hazel makes pores petite while evening skin tone and texture.
    1. Hydrating Masque: Packed full of nourishing coconut, invigorating citrus, and detoxifying clays, our Glow Getter is what the skin craves after a holiday indulgence.
    2. 3. Candles: They always make the perfect gift. They’re mood-enhancers and create a warm, relaxing ambiance that almost puts anyone to sleep. There are natural, vegan wax alternatives to beeswax you can use. Examples are candelilla or carnauba wax. 

      4. Body Sugar Scrub: Who doesn’t love homemade gifts? We have an easy-to-make body scrub recipe you’ll almost want to eat.


      • (1) cup of brown sugar
      • (3) tablespoons of coconut oil (or any oil of your taste, like avocado or almond)
      • The juice of ½ lemon
      • A few drops of your favorite essential oil (optional)

      Directions: Place the sugar in a medium-sized container (like a mason jar). Add the oil, lemon juice, and essential oils, and mix everything until the scrub has the desired consistency (it should not be too liquid).


      For the Yogi

      Practicing yoga isn’t just a workout, but a lifestyle. This makes gifting that yogi person in your life a little easier.

      1. Mala Bead Bracelet: Every yogi, regardless of their experience, loves these bracelets. They’re used in meditation practices to keep count of mantras and prayers and are also worn to set intentions. Just be mindful to choose one with gemstones that align with your yogi’s personality.

      2. bioClarity Squeaky Clean Bundle: Even though yoga is not aerobic, it still makes you sweat. Our Squeaky Clean Bundle washes away dirt and sweat after a yoga session. They’ll suds up from head to toe with our soothing cleansing creations, packed with juicy, detoxifying, brightening herbs and fruits. It’s pure plant perfection.

      3. Tibetan Singing Bowl: Another great spiritual gift. These bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They produce unique, harmonizing tones that help you enter a calm state of mind. They also make great decoration objects, adding a beautiful touch to any room.

      4. Incense Kit: Smelling the invigorating aroma of incense will transport your loved one to a sacred world of pure relaxation. It’s a classic and the scent options are limitless.


      For the Beauty Junkie

      Shopping for your beauty-obsessed friend can be hard since probably they are well-equipped with all the essentials you can think of. But, there are always creative gifts you can give them that they’ll love. Here are our top picks:


      1. Beauty Wall Art: Who doesn’t love to have a fashionable beauty illustration decorate their room? Surprise your BFF or your beauty expert with a modern print.

      2. bioClarity Ultimate Bundle: Impress your beauty aficionado with this all-in-one skin-lovin bundle. Give the gift of glow from the inside-out AND the outside-in. Our complete crew of skin-boosting, ultra-nourishing products will become their routine skin saviors.

      3. Heart-shaped Mirror: Show that person how much you love them with an adorable heart-shaped vanity mirror. It’s the best gift for those ladies in your life who spend quite some time getting ready.

      4. Set of Makeup Brushes: We know, who doesn’t have makeup brushes? But do they have cruelty-free ones? Get them a synthetic brush that’s not made from animal hair. Not only are you protecting our furry friends but they’re also easier to clean and shed less. It’s a win-win.


      For the Health Nut

      Picking out the perfect gift for the health-conscious person might be a challenge because they tend to be picky. The key is to find goodies that are a staple in every health nut's home that you can’t go wrong with.

      1. Recipe Book: Excite the taste buds while keeping it healthy with a clean-eating recipe book. They’ll have new food creation ideas to use for their New Year’s resolution.

      2. bioClarity Beauty Supplement: A true gem for the health-conscious. Our vegan beauty supplement is packed with Harmonizing Adaptogens™ like Matcha, Turmeric or Goji Berry, essential vitamins for healthy skin and our signature superfood ingredient from Chlorophyll, Floralux™*.

      3. Matcha Tea Set: Make the holidays even cozier by gifting a complete set of antioxidant and vitamin-rich Matcha and make a Japanese tea ceremonial possible at the comfort of their home.

      4. Oil Diffuser: Everybody’s new favorite thing! It feels like a luxury gift but there’re many affordable options to choose from. Oil diffusers fill the room with a scented mist that makes your home feel like paradise.


        For the Non-Stop Traveler

        Don’t know what to get the beloved traveler on your list? Whether it’s for leisure or business, we’ve got some lightweight, portable ideas to share.

        1. Travel Journal: Say yes to creativity and help your globetrotter capture their trip memories with an unconventional travel journal. It’s the best way to keep a record of every fun experience they’ve gone through or every small detail they don’t want to forget.

        2. bioClarity Garden Glow Mini Set: Our mini gang of garden-lush treats is the best way to try bioClarity’s best sellers and pamper stressed skin when you travel. They all come in a cute canvas-bag to take on-the-go. But hurry, these little beauties are available for a limited time only.

        3. Eye Mask: We can all use some sleep on planes, train or any other means of transport that’s taking us to our destination. Help your loved one get some rest with a soft sleep mask that's friendly on the skin. It’s an all-time essential, as they not only help you catch some zzz’s but they also help reduce the effects of jet lag.

        4. Book: It’s not a tech gift, but a good book can truly transport you to a world of magic and infinite imagination. It’s the perfect way to kill time on your travels. And there’s always one book for everyone.

        For the Outdoor Enthusiast

        Portable and easy to pack. These are the type of gifts outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the most. But not all gear is expensive. Below are some can’t-miss gifts ideas that will surely impress the adventurer in your life.

        1. Hammock: Admiring the breathtaking views that nature has to offer while you comfortably swing in a hammock is priceless. Get a compact-sized one that they can easily throw in a backpack.

        2. bioClarity Moisture, Moisture Bundle: Being an outdoorsy person has many health benefits, but you have to give your skin extra love since it’s been constantly exposed to the sun, frigid or hot weather and environmental pollutants. Our hydrating creations are packed with nourishing botanicals that plump cells with comforting moisture. They will leave anyone’s skin the smoothest and softest it can be.

        3. Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Whether is hiking through the woods, camping in the desert, or enjoying a bonfire at the beach, you always need water. Getting an insulated water bottle is definitely a no-brainer gift they’ll love that will keep them hydrated while they explore.

        4. Solar Phone Charger: A session in the beautiful outdoors recharges anyone’s energy and spirit while solar phone chargers cover the tech power needs by using the energy of the sun. It's the most convenient and earth-friendly way to never run out of battery in case any emergencies occur. 

        Extra Tips to Save Some Money 

        1. Reuse wrapping paper: Help protect our beautiful planet by minimizing the collected holiday waste. You can either reuse any wrapping paper you gathered over the last holidays or wrap your gift in recycled paper.

        2. Re-gifting: It’s tempting and ok to do it. Just make sure the one you are gifting wasn’t at that White Elephant or Secret Sant party you went to last year.


        With the holiday gifting covered, all there’s left is time to relax and enjoy those memorable family or friend reunions, mouth-watering meals, and plant-based goodness under the tree.


        *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.