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Created by nature and powered by science, BioClarity is a totally new way to treat acne! The secret is Floralux, naturally derived from chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants). BioClarity is clinically proven to soothe skin and fight acne! BioClarity is like nothing you've seen before.

Natural, effective, soothing...Green!

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BioClarity Restore Gel
naturally better

Naturally Better

Your face is no place for weird, harsh chemicals. BioClarity has naturally calming and cleansing extracts from Green Tea, Chamomile, and Oat Kernel. Plus the cool, green, naturally-derived benefits of Floralux!



Finally. An acne treatment that actually works! Combining one of the most powerful medications with a totally new, naturally derived ingredient, BioClarity is a game-changer in the fight against acne.



What good is clear skin if it's dry, red, and irritated? BioClarity isn't like other acne treatments. Floralux makes it naturally better! BioClarity is clinically proven to soothe skin and alleviate redness—while it fights acne!

confidence building

Confidence Building

Let's face it: life is easier when you're confident in your skin. BioClarity helps to reveal the real you, so you can take on school, work, social media—life!—with naturally clear skin. 

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Customer Reviews

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Lauryn L. Lauryn

I LOVE this product. I have tried a variety of face products and things that are supposed to clear up breakouts. I generally have clear skin, but my T-zone tends to break out often. After using this product consistently, I have truly seen results! My skin is very clear and healthy. Thank you, Bioclarity!

Alisha A. Alisha

usually switching products has made me breakout so bad in the past, but that did not happen with bioclarity.. I have used this for just over a month and it has calmed my breakouts down a lot. The product is not that time consuming and makes my face feel clean afterwards. Definitely recommend! It's not magic though so don't expect all your breakouts to disappear with using it or you'll be disappointed!

Cynthia Torres C.T. Cynthia T.

I have tried everything! I had clear skin as a teen but once I turned 20 my face started to break out really bad. I tried everything there was and nothing worked. I came across BioClarity and thought there's nothing to lose let me give it a try. I'm so glad I did! My skin is clearing up not entirely yet because it's only been 5 weeks but I see it working. My skin feels softer than ever and the product is so gentle with my skin. I love it! Thank you BioClarity!

Pete P. Pete
Just so/so for me

I'm in week 10 of using the 3-part BioClarity system. I'm a male, age 50, and I've had acne prone skin since age 12.
At this stage, I expected my face to be clear, but I continue to get new breakouts. Not horrible, but still breaking out. While I don't mind the cleanser or the treatment gel, I'm not too crazy about step 3 - restore gel. It leaves a "tacky" feel after applying, and also leaves a shiny finish rather than matte. I'm not saying it's causing my face to be oily, rather the product itself just leaves a shiny finish on the skin. Anyway, I'll continue to use the system, but at my age and for being in week 10, I just was hoping for clear skin.

Lauren Bowe L.B. Lauren B.
So happy I found this product!!

I had low expectations but after getting my IUD I was experiencing some back acne and regular acne and I was desperate to try anything! But this product WORKS and I would recommend it to anyone!! My skin is clear and I am not getting any new break outs. Even when I'm about to get my period.